We have survived our first week of instructional packets and communicating with our students through various methods.  Just a reminder that next week packets will be posted to the campus website under documents by Sunday.  Teachers will have an electronic copy of the packet that they can forward to you if you have difficulty accessing it.  We will have only one pick up time on Monday from 11-1 to help reduce the exposure of our staff.  Breakfast/Lunch will continue to be served from 11-1, Monday - Friday.  Remember you must have your child with you to pick up the food (Dept. of Ag. requirement).

So proud of all of our students, staff, and parents this week for their understanding as we  work through this global event.  Never thought I would see the day that school was closed but we have all worked together to make the best out of a difficult situation.  As we continue to work through structures and routines I ask that we remain patient and understanding of each other.  If you don't understand something or are having difficulties please do not hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher or myself.

Starting Monday I will be posting a morning announcement at 8:30 just like we did when we were in school to help the students have a little bit of normalcy.  I greatly miss all the sweet smiles and hugs.  Let your child know daily that they are missed at school and we will see them soon.

Much Love,

Mrs. Dotson